Photo by Lorenzo Cafaro

Photo by Lorenzo Cafaro

How It Works: A Step-By-Step Process

I follow a clearly defined design process for each project. The time frame and specific items per phase will vary depending on the size/scope, however the overall phases remain the same. This step-by-step process allows the project to run smoothly, and helps clients know exactly what to expect,

  1. Discovery Phase & Project Kick-Off (1-2 Weeks)

    • Discovery Call (15 minutes)

    • In-Home Design Consultation (2-hours) - Review of scope, preliminary concepts

    • Development of agreement/price based on scope

    • Signing of agreement and receipt of retainer

  2. Design Development Phase (6-8 Weeks min.)

    • In-person Concept Meeting - Review preliminary concepts and mood boards

    • Trade Day - On-site meeting with all trades

    • Development of drawings, sourcing furnishings/materials

    • Development of budget

  3. Client Presentation & DEPOSIT Collection (1 Day - 1 Week)

    • In-person Presentation - Review drawings, color palettes, furnishings/materials and budget

    • Collection of deposits for furnishings/materials

  4. Documentation, Order & Purchase Phase (4-6 Weeks Min.)

    • Documentation - Revision to drawings, furnishing/materials and budget per client comments

    • In-person or Online Meeting - Client review and approval of documentation

    • Placement of orders

  5. Construction & Installation Phase (Time frame Varies)

    • Commencement of construction or renovation

    • Receipt of orders

    • Furniture installation & styling

  6. Client Reveal (2-4 Weeks)

    • Completion of construction / renovation

    • Walk-through - Identify deficiencies

    • Resolve deficiencies

    • Photography of space

  7. Client closure meeting (1 Day)

    • Presentation of final invoices

    • Presentation of Client Binder

    • Project Completion…and Celebration!