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As a designer, I believe there is an existing and fluid connection between nature, our human spirit, and home. When this connection is celebrated and nurtured, we allow our living environment to breathe.

I created The Blog @ Natura as a place to explore the practical, personal and yes, magical spirit of interior design. My goal is to help infuse your imaginations (and homes) with a sense of ease, well-being and comfort. And to discover the many ways you can create your own spaces that breathe.

To me, the ability to breathe is associated with life itself – an instinctive feeling of safety. My home has become a safe haven where I can be fully myself, relax and recharge. This is in large part due to specific design choices that have made a positive impact in my life, many of which I will share with you along the way.

One design strategy that I emphasize in my home, and in my client’s spaces, is to maximize natural light. Studies have shown that access to natural light can improve our performance and mood, and lack of sunlight can lead to depression. I usually leave a few windows free of window coverings and use only sheer treatments on windows that get direct sunlight, to prevent glare yet still allow light to filter. I also choose light colors and reflective surfaces, such as mirrors, in areas that don’t get much natural light.

I also purposely select colors that have a positive effect on my mood, such as green for serenity and yellow for happiness. Color is intimately linked to our emotions, and a successful color scheme can have a significant impact on our state of mind. Have you noticed how a combination of similar colors (aka analogous), such as blue and lavender, have a soothing and calming effect in a room? And how colors that contrast one another (aka complementary), such as blue and orange, might cause us to feel uplifted and energized? We can cleverly use this psychology of color to create a certain mood in our own spaces. For more on this…stay tuned for my upcoming class on How to Create a Successful Color Scheme!

One more tip: I always weave natural textures into my designs to convey warmth and a connection to the outdoors. Raffia, wool, raw linen, wood, materials that are connected to the earth and closer to a pure, original state. These textures unconsciously remind us of our primal selves, and they are instinctively and inexplicably familiar. Nature can serve as a template to achieve balance within our human spirit, and our homes. Ultimately the intention is to create a balanced ecosystem within the spaces we inhabit, much like nature itself - to create spaces that breathe.

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